Addison’s Disease in the USA can be found in less than 1% of the US population at any time. This rare disease is life threatening and is also not well known. As a family with someone who has Addison’s, we have found that many EMS, Emergency Rooms, Hospitals, and other people do not know enough about Addison’s Disease to help someone if they needed to do so. We participate in cycling and at every race, we track down the medics to discuss what they need to do if our daughter is in need of help. We have also contacted our local EMS and talked to them. They were not equipped and not trained to help someone with an adrenal disease if needed. Since then, they have trained their department on how to handle an adrenal crisis.

These little actions are great for us, but not enough for the Addison’s community/Adrenal Insufficiency community, so we decided to create Team Addison USA to spread awareness of Addison’s Disease and other Adrenal Insufficiencies in the United States through involvement in cycling, running, and other sports.

Team Addison USA is part of Team Addison Global. Team Addison was started by the Swedish Addison Association to spread awareness of Addison’s Disease and other Adrenal Insufficiencies.

We have also found that resources for the USA are lacking for people with Addison’s Disease, so we are working on adding those resources to this website so you have a one-stop site with information and links about Addison’s.

To show your support and to join Team Addison USA, click here to shop our apparel store. This store is always open and there is no middle man. Your order is made on demand and will be shipped to you in a couple weeks.

To learn more about Addison’s Disease, click here and also visit the resources page of this site.